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Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a public benefit company and Certified B Corporation that creates and curates 150+ sustainable household and beauty brands such as Mrs Meyers and Seventh Generation


Transforming the products people use at home into a force for good by curating high-performance, planet-first products that minimize plastic waste, prevent deforestation, and reduce carbon emissions

Grove Collaborative is on a mission to make quality household and beauty products that are effective, cruelty-free, and good for the environment. Founded in 2012, the company is working on a number of environmental and sustainability initiatives, including:


1) Phasing out single-use plastics for home and personal care with a five-year plan.

2) Investing in initiatives such as Grove Co. Tree-Free Paper, which is made of sustainably-grown, FSC-certified, panda-friendly bamboo. Bamboo grows many times faster than trees in northern forests and the production process of turning bamboo into paper emits less greenhouse emissions than virgin paper products.

3) Working toward net-zero by 2030. Grove aims to be a net-zero carbon emitter by 2030. Currently, Grove is a CarbonNeutral Certified company.

4) Carbon offsetting shipments to consumers. This means that the company purchases renewable energy credits which fund projects that reduce carbon emissions - such as wind farms, solar installations, or energy efficiency retrofits - in order to counteract shipping emissions.

Industry: E-commerce

Year founded: 2008

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Number of employees: 480+

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Today, Grove is plastic neutral. Meaning that for every ounce of plastic consumers purchase from Grove, the company collects and recycles the same amount of nature-bound plastic pollution with the help of rePurpose Global. By 2025, Grove aims to be 100% plastic-free. 

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