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Indigo Ag

Indigo Ag works to improve environmental sustainability, farmer profitability and consumer health through the use of nature-based and digital technologies. The company’s core offerings – Carbon, Market+, and biotrinsic – work together to optimize how crops are produced, sourced and distributed

Born out of the idea that microbes have the ability to protect plants against the stresses of climate change, Indigo Ag leverages microbiology, machine learning and digital technologies to make agriculture more productive, profitable and sustainable.


Focusing on holistic, nature-based solutions to improve the yields and resilience of crops including cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans and rice, Indigo's seed treatments contain microbes that live within plant tissue itself, unlike other microbial seed treatments that contain microbes that live around plants' roots.

Indigo also has a strong focus on carbon sequestration, enabling farmers to combat carbon emissions and generate revenue through registry-issued carbon credits.


The company also offers an integrated digital solution to for the agricultural supply chain, helping farmers process, distribute and sell their produce.


Helping farmers improve profitability and soil health through microbe-based solutions and digital technology

Industry: Agriculture

Year founded: 2013

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Number of employees: 2,800+

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Image by Federico Respini

Product focus



Carbon by Indigo is a carbon capture system that aims to help farmers both remove carbon from the atmosphere and abate further greenhouse gas emissions. It is both the largest carbon farming program by acres enrolled as well as the first to produce verified, registry-issued agricultural carbon credits at mass scale. 

Learn more about Carbon by Indigo

biotrinsic by Indigo

To develop biological products able to support crop health and yield even under stress, Indigo searches for thriving plants among less thriving neighbors. By studying these "survivor" plants' microbial advantage, Indigo develops a range of microorganism-based solutions to help farmers naturally foster plant resilience, boosting crops' ability to withstand stresses such as heat, poor soils and drought.

Learn more about biotrinsic by Indigo

Market+ by Indigo

Market+ digitally connects a wide set of stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain, including farmers, cooperatives, buyers, processors, and consumer brands. 

Learn more about Market+ by Indigo

By numbers: Carbon by Indigo 

8 million acre footprint

20,000 carbon credits issued

2,000 participating farmers

9 countries

By numbers: biotrinsic by Indigo

2,000+ field trials

36,000+ microbial strains

25 products across 5 major plant stresses

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