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Founded in 2016 to enable the transition to a decarbonized future, Northvolt is a European supplier of sustainable, high-quality lithium-ion battery cells and systems. Northvolt creates solutions for automotive, grid, industrial, construction, e-mobility & more


Delivering sustainable, highly recyclable batteries with an 80% lower carbon footprint compared to those made using coal energy

Battery cell manufacturer Northvolt is accelerating the shift to a cleaner world by establishing a supply of sustainable batteries across Europe. The company's high-performance lithium-ion cells are based around Northvolt's proprietary Lingonberry NMC chemistry and available in cylindrical and prismatic formats.   

Offering power solutions for automotive, grid, industrial, construction, disruptors and e-mobility, a major

contribution to Northvolt’s low-carbon footprint comes from the company's commitment to power its factories with clean energy and make its batteries almost completely recyclable.

Industry: Batteries & energy

Year founded: 2016

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Number of employees: 3,000+

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2030 Northvolt prediction: 80% less CO2 produced compared to cells made using coal power

2030 target:150 GWh annual cell output



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To reduce emissions, Northvolt is working on electrifying construction. Firstly, via the batteries that power electric machinery. And secondly, via the Northvolt Voltpack, which supports machine charging. Northvolt's mobile and scalable energy storage system delivers sustainable power across a wide variety of applications and is designed to provide local demand with temporary power or as a long-term plug and play solution.

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Northvolt's Voltpack energy storage systems make it possible to deploy fast EV chargers on a low-power grid. The Voltpack absorbs energy during slow hours, and boosts chargers to improve power transfer times. The company also delivers a range of custom battery cells tailored to unique vehicles.

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The Voltpack Mobile is a scalable and portable battery solution applicable for use by the mining, materials handling, marine, agriculture and aviation industry. A high density solution, the Voltpack Mobile delivers industry leading performance to meet a wide range of instant power needs.

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Northvolt aims to establish 150 GWh of annual cell production capacity in Europe by 2030, with accompanying recycling capacity to ensure the creation of a circular system and closed loop for batteries


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