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Plenty is an indoor vertical farming technology company able grow clean produce year-round, anywhere in the world. The company produces a range of pesticide-free, non-GMO fresh produce products including leafy greens

Plenty is an indoor vertical farming company on a mission to preserve natural resources, make nutritious produce available to all communities and create resilience in food systems, protecting them against weather, location, pests and climate changes.


Plenty uses vertical grow towers and an innovative lighting, water and nutrient system to grow produce. By growing fresh produce indoors, the company is able to create a fully controllable environment that delivers the correct amounts of light, water, and nutrients to plants. Plenty's technology allows the company to use dramatically less space and water than traditional farms, while also eliminating the need to use pesticides. 

Plenty implements a modular growing system that can be set up nearly anywhere, meaning that multiple crops can be grown efficiently on one platform.


In September 2022, Plenty announced it had secured 120 acres of land near Richmond, Virginia, to build the largest, most advanced indoor vertical farm campus in the world. Plenty plans to deploy several large-scale vertical farms on the campus, with a potential annual production capacity of over 20 million pounds across multiple crops including strawberries, leafy greens and tomatoes.


The campus’ first farm will grow Driscoll’s strawberries, making a global first for growing indoor, vertically farmed berries at scale. The farm is designed to grow more than 4 million pounds of strawberries annually, helping to meet growing demand for flavorful, fresh berries in the US Northeast.


Rethinking agriculture with indoor vertical farms that grow flavorful, pesticide-free greens using a small percentage of the water and land needed compared to conventional farms

Industry: Agriculture

Year founded: 2014

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

Number of employees: 400+

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Plenty is able to deliver 150-350X the yield per acre, compared to traditional farms; equivalent to the same yield of a traditional farm using ~1% of the area.

Image by Maksim Shutov
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