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Sustainability solutions company creating economically viable substitutes for single-use plastics

With products distributed in over 25 countries, sustainability solutions company Zume is focused on enabling the world's switch from plastic to compostable molded fiber packaging.


Through its patent pending fiber-agnostic manufacturing technology and growing network of global suppliers, Zume provides a range of fully compostable and biodegradable products that function like plastic and yet are made from various biomass sources such as bagasse (sugarcane fiber), as well as bamboo, wheat, straw, and blends of various grass fibers. 

Zume products include molded fiber meat trays, coffee cups, beer can holders, food service and takeaway containers, anti-leak hot cup lids, bowls, three piece meal trays and more. 


Replacing the $320B a year single-use plastic industry with a single tech stack that offers global brands the hardware, software and services to transition away from plastic without disrupting manufacturing processes or the bottom line

Industry: Sustainable packaging

Year founded: 2018

Headquarters: Camarillo, California, USA

Number of employees: 150+

Distribution presence: 25+ countries

Manufacturing footprint: 5+ countries

Recent awards: 2021 MUSE Silver Winner

Total patents: 407

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By equipping partners with an end-to-end tech stack for deployment of Zume’s advanced molded fiber cell technology, Zume enables a growing list of customers in food service, FMCG and healthcare to create products with performance that meets or beats that of plastics.

The products are all anti-leak and do not develop sogginess when exposed to moisture.

200 billion coffee lids are used every year globally. In the UK alone, approximately 2.5 billion coffee cups and lids are thrown away each year, of which less than 1% are recycled. Zume’s plant-fiber based coffee cup snap lids are fully recyclable and compostable.

Image by Abhishek Shintre
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